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Acknowledging them as a whole person.

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Care / Committed / Committed Priority / Needs

WIT Her – “Giving into a relationship. Being committed. Make it a priority work through something. Not fighting. Strengthening it. He was having a hard time. It’s about not taking things personally.” WIT Him – “You’re ability to see I was down and care for me. Acknowledging them as a whole person. It might feel like everything is about you but it’s about considering their needs.”

“My girlfriend is in Paris until May…We go our separate ways and we’ll find our way back”

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WIT Her – “We’re new friends.” WIT Him – “Communication is key. My girlfriend is in Paris until May. We know what it takes to make it work. We go our separate ways and we’ll find our way back” Bonus Thought: I like how he is sitting. It is almost like there is a spot there waiting for her. As if at any moment she could walk up and take her seat next to him with his […]